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As many of you request it, I made the little black dress with zipper! I hope you all find the courage to make it, so one night you can stand out among your friends for sure! A lot of my girl friends already asked me, if they get one too! :) Youl will need: elastic gabardine, zipper, pins, sewing machine, chalk or pencil 

Step 1: First Step

Picture #1 and Picture #2:  Fold the fabric to cut even, there'll be two pieces of fabric first we'll work with the zipper.

                                                 Dobla la tela para cortar igualmente, te quedarán dos piezas de tela, con una solo trabajaremos el cierre.

Picture #3 and Picture #4: With a help of a top, mark the shape (this will be the shape of the dress, so use a top that fits your body)

                                                Con la ayuda de un Top, marca la forma de la misma (Este sería la forma del vestido, asi que utiliza un Top que sea de tu medida y por sobre todo que te quede bien)

Picture #5 and Picture #6 and Picture #7: After you finished drawing the shape, secure the two pieces of fabric with pins and then cut

                                                                           Luego de que hayas terminado de dibujar la forma, asegura ambas piezas de tela con los alfileres y luego corta.

Step 2: Second Step

Picture #8 and Picture #9: Place the zipper in the middle and pin on to the fabric

                                              Coloca el cierre en el medio del vestido y asegúralo con los alfileres

Picture #10 and Picture #11: See how I put the pins so then you can sew the zip on the one side of the dress (remember this, we've not yet unite the two pieces)

                                                     Mira como coloqué los alfileres para luego poder coser el cierre a un lado de la tela (recuerda que todavía no he juntado ambas piezas)

Picture #12 and Picture #13 and Picture #14: then open up the zipper and cut the fabric so you can actually use the zip.
                                                                                   luego abre el cierre para cortar la tela y realmente usarlo como un cierre.

Step 3: Third Step

Picture #15 and Picture #16: Make a hem on the top a safe it with pins

                       Haz un dobladillo en la parte superior del vestido y asegúralo con pins

Picture #17 and Picture #18: As you can see I choose a zigzag stitch to sew this part.

                                                    Como lo puedes ver elegí coserlo en puntada zig zag

Picture #19 and Picture #20: Then cut the excedent zipper

                                                     Luego corta lo que te sobro del cierre.

Picture #21 and Picture #22 and Picture #23: Repeat the same steps with the other piece

                                                                                  Repite los mismo pasos con la otra pieza.

Step 4: Fourth Step

Picture #24 and Picture #25 and Picture #26: make a crease, mark on the fabric safe it with pins and sew.

                                                                                  haz un pliegue, marca en la tela y luego asegúralo con pins para coserlo.

Picture #27 and Picture #28 and Picture #29: Now it's time to sew the two pieces together, to do that place it and pin them.

                                                                                  Ahora para coser las dos partes juntas, para hacerlo colocado juntos y asegúralos con los alfileres.

Picture #30 and Picture #31: And don't forget to sew a hem on the bottom oh the dress

                                                    Y no olvides coser un dobladillo al final del vestido.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This lady is amazing. Beautiful, talented and classy. She the female MacGyver. Give her a tee shirt and she can make anything. I watch just to see how she creates all these things


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Me encanta la diseñadora, es hermosa, la música de fondo suena bien.
    Ah si el vestido está bien.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    You always choose the most interesting locales to model your creations, yet you always outshine the places!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Me encanto el vestido!! aunque no se si tendria el valor de usarlo (estoy rellenita) =P una pregunta? de quien es el segundo tema en tu video? he tratado de buscarlo pero no lo encuentro.

    Saludos! =]


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great instruction,
    Not interested in sewing a dress, but a sleeping bag. Your video has showed several helpful points. No words just visual instruction, awesome.


    7 years ago on Introduction


    I'm sure it's a wonderful little black dress, but I for one will never have the courage to make one of these and wear it out for a night on the town. :)

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Introduction

    I wish all my girl friends would wear this, so much easier and quicker to take off...

    Good work!!!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    The photography and subject matter were outstanding in this photois this a picture of you or someone modeling your creation?