How to Make a Baby Boy (or Kid) Loom Charm

Introduction: How to Make a Baby Boy (or Kid) Loom Charm

Welcome! In his tutorial I'm gonna shpw you how to make a baby boy or kid loom charm, hope you like it and have fun making. Also please dont forgwt to ♥, comment, rate and follow, inwould really appreciate it, now let's start :D

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Step 1: Materials

◆A loom
◆A crochet or rainbow loom hook
◆8 loom bands for the hair color
◆29 loom bands for the neon orange or skin color
◆23 loom bands for the shirt
◆11 loom bands for the jean
Now gather your supplies and lets get started!

Step 2: Placing the Bands

the first bands you'll place will be the hair color, hen the skin color and finally the clothe colors :)

Step 3: Making the Arms

Go down on your loom and put 2 shirt color bands then gong down 2 skin color bands and another 2 skin color bands finally make a capband and loom. Do this twice. Finally place rhem in the kid's shoulders :)

Step 4: Holding Bands and the Eyes

the first holding band is a bit different but do it as it shows then 2 more short color holding bands and one skin color one with the eyes in it

Step 5: Looming It Up

Beginn with normal looming all the way up and in the last 3 pairs to loom (2 black and 1 skin color) loom the skin color first.

Step 6: Taking It Off

Now finally make a slipknot and take it off the loom, amd now you are done! Hope you like it done forget to ♥, comment, rate and follow, Thank you!

Step 7:

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    I am glad you liked it, dont forget that if you want you can send me auc of how they ended up :) I would live seeing them!