How to Make a Backyard Mini Golf Course




Introduction: How to Make a Backyard Mini Golf Course

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Hey guys, this is my third instructables. In this I will teach you how to make a mini golf course almost completely out of stuff you can find in your backyard. This took my only one day to make and it is really easy. I hope you enjoy.

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Step 1: Materials

The first thing you need is a pick axe, or something similar.
This is to dig out the hole, sand traps, and change the ground to fit your course.

Next you need a plastic cup. Obviously to make put in the hole.

Next you need a couple of golf balls.

Next on the list you need sand, to make sand traps.

After that you need a putter.

Now you need wood, to make walls,

now rocks.

spray paint (optional)

And most importantly FLAGSTONE

Step 2: Sketching It Out

I would first recommend sketching out your design on a piece of graph paper. this helps yyou get an understanding of where everything is supposed to go. 

Step 3: Laying Down the Flag Stone

On this step, we will construct the track of our course. First get your flag stone out. It helps if you have one huge piece, that you can divide into different pieces, however i had a bunch of random pieces leftover from my last project. After you got your flagstone get out your design and start laying down pieces according to your design. If you want sand traps then I recommend you leave spaces for them.  

Step 4: Making Walls

Even though the flagstone is nice, you can't have a course without walls. To make them you need some fire wood. Find quite a few pieces of wood about the same size then lay them down side by side along the track's edge. 

Step 5: Hole and Balls

Use your pick axe to dig out a hole the size of a plastic cup where ever you want it on your course. Insert the cup in the ground. To make the balls spray paint them different colors.

Step 6: Finish Touches

Add rocks, logs, sand traps where ever you want. Enjoy!

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    thanks! only problem is the flagstone bounces the ball really far :)