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About: blah blah blah

this is to help you make the ~~worst~~ best instructable evra!!!!!!111WON?

Step 1: Rule #1

rule 1 copy others the most impoortant

for example, its ok for youe and stuff, im not eveen look in at the keyboarfd and also knot thinking of what to type nextt

Step 2: Minimum Effort

title says all
  • blah,blah,blah
  • blah,blah,blah
  • blah,blah,blah
  • blah,blah,blah
  • blah,blah,blah
  • blah,blah,blah
  • blah,blah,blah

Step 3: Visueal AIDs

it doesnt even matter what its about as longs as its a picture or even no pictures at all!!!!!!111WON?

Step 4: I Got Lazy to Name the Steps

, google images where others have helped ypu by not wasting your time using a camrea!

Step 5: Dont Forget the Language Gramar

aweful speling is key heer to make tihs vrry gud

Step 6: Blank Steps

oh yeah also bunch steps together

and filler!

Step 7: Why Are You Here?

please see step 10 for instructions to continue

Step 8: Ummmm

feel free to add in at any time now...........................

oh yeah and add tags to attract all sorts of mambers

Step 9: Speak About Things Unrelated to This

you hear of that new moviee/viedo/viedo game// super/ game/\?????????????/////??/?//////////slash??

Step 10: Wanting More?

and put things in rong orrreder

please see step 7 to continue''

thank you my fisrt insrtable



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      9 years ago on Introduction

      Rul zarro: Choose an intro title that is not understandable, with some awesome comments in()'s


      9 years ago on Introduction

      Hay. You broke rule #1! I noticed. It's been done better before.