How to Make a Bag Out of Recycled Plastic Bottles





Introduction: How to Make a Bag Out of Recycled Plastic Bottles

About: I love creating objects out of recycled material

Bag made out of 3 recycled plastic bottles

Step 1: Materials


3 plastic botttles

5 m of rope

Step 2: Cut the Bottles

Cut the bottles

Step 3: Make Holes

Make holes

Step 4: Join the Three Bottles With the Rope

Join the three bottles with the rope



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    14 Discussions

    Wow! Great job. I always love recycled projects, this turned out awesome!

    You should use some type of tape on the plastic edge so it's not to rough and feels like it cutting in you

    I cannot wait to make this. What kind of bottles did you use? I'm not familiar with this shape. Thank you, Macsgirl

    1 reply

    The bottles are from mineral water Solán de Cabras

    Looks great. On another thought ou may want to add a sliced pool noodle or foam insulation sliced in half on the exposed edge to make it not so sharp.

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    Thanks Celtie,
    That was my first idea. I thought to make a crochet line around it, or apply some material. But the edge was not so sharp.
    Anyway, I love when someone gives me this kind of idea. That means that I was inspiring you to improve my idea.
    I just want to inpire, you can do it better than me.
    Un abrazo