How to Make a Baking Soda and Vinegar Rocket




Introduction: How to Make a Baking Soda and Vinegar Rocket

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Just recently I bought the Cosmic rocket.It was a mistake.The tube that contained the baking soda and vinegar was so tight that the rocket could not build up enough pressure to take off.It had a good system for launching but it was so tight that only if you put it on lightly could it take off.After I returned it I began to think.I wondered if I could rig up a release like that.I found that 1/2 PVC fit perfectly in the neck of a 1 liter bottle.So this ible was born.I am entering in the epilog contest because it is using a bottle that would other wise be thrown out.I have entered it in a contest so please rate or vote.

Step 1: Materials

The materials...
1/2 PVC,at least on inch.In the picture I used to much.
wood.Foam would work better but wood is what I had.
1 liter bottle.
hot glue gun.(any kind of glue will do)
baking soda
Thats it!

Step 2: Building the Launch Pad.

Now,take your 1/2 inch and cut off a 1 to 2 inch piece.If you are using wood for the base then drill a hole the size of the pipe in it.With foam simply shove the pipe into the foam till it sticks firmly.Then,glue around the bottle until there are no leaks.To make sure there are no leaks blow into the top and seal any leaks with hot glue...lots of it.You just built the launcher!

Step 3: The Rocket

Okay,to build the rocket you will need the bottle.You can just use the bottle but take a look at the rocket below.

Step 4: LAUNCH TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great,you are ready for launching.Put some vinegar in the rocket.Put some baking soda in the piece of pipe.Now,get yourself outside.Attach the rocket to the pipe.Turn the pad upside down so the baking soda falls into the vinegar.Set the pad as shown in the picture and stand back.If you see some minor leaking at the bottle,don't worry.That is normal.It will take off in a very short span of time.Watch as it soars upward,blasting out the fuel.Have fun and don't shoot it at any one.
UPDATEI have found that a propel bottle fits on nice and snug.You might want to give it a try.



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    Considering the fact that this is all done on video it should be easy to do. HOWEVER due to many variables that you probably left out, this makes the procedure very..very...difficult. All I could say is that you could have added a lot more detail to it or even type down the procedure so it'll be more specific. I mean think about it, when you're writing (or typing) that last bit of your report, what do some of your science teacher grade you on? Your PROCEDURE. Again I could be young, I'm a kid after all but I'm a kid that likes things that are specified and cleared out so that it'll be obvious on what the student or person following the directions should do.

    Fill 1/4 a bottle with vinegar, put 2 tbsp baking soda on a tissue poke in the tissue so it doesnt touch the vinegar, leave some tissue out then put on the cap over a piece of the tissue so it doesnt fall in the vinegar, lastly, tape around the cap so it doesnt release pressure.. THROW IT! *this is for 16 oz meyer grey bottle*

    》you can cut down size for smaller sizes《

    .-'-''-.-' CAUTION '-.-"-'-.

    Hmmm, Having just built one, to these specs. I'm sorry to report that it doesn't work. Since you posted it here, I'm assuming you actually got this to fly... Did you perhaps forget some critical launch or construction tip?

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    It doesn't work?!I got mine to fly right.What bottle are you using?How big of a piece of pipe did you use?What did you make the base from?And,why doesn't it work?Like,it doesn't take off or there's too much leaking around the bottle?Or,if you could post a picture that would help.

    Cool!I had never thought of using 1/2 inch pipe instead of a rubber stopper or cork. P.S.Favorited.