How to Make a Basic Sword

I hope you enjoy this tutorial on making a basic sword and also tell me with what i could improve because this will be the first of many.

Step 1: Tools

I recommend you use a Claw hammer 2 piece's of wood and nails

Step 2: Construction

Get the 2 pieces of wood and one of the pieces shall be used as a cross guard so once you have decided where you want your handle to be hammer the cross guard down onto the piece of wood with nails now if you want to add tape onto the part where the handle is.

Step 3: the Finished Product

Once you have finished you will need to evaluate it to do this hit the wood on a pole stuck into the ground or something similar and if the wood does not break in half then its a strong sturdy sword and can be used in sparring practice against a friend or family

Step 4: Optinal

Once you have finished you can get tape and make a hilt for your sword or you can use your sword for taking anger out on things (thats what i do) also i hope you enjoy your brand new basic wooden sword



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