How to Make a Bath Bomb



Introduction: How to Make a Bath Bomb

Bath bombs ! such an exciting project whether it's for a chemistry project, a gift to someone, or just to have some fun ! you might wonder... what do bath bombs do ? after building them, bath bombs can be used while taking a bath or just to put them in water and watching them fizz and give bubbles ! bath bombs are such a fun project to do and it even helps you with chemistry purposes that teach you how stuff explode... :)
Hope you enjoy it, and if you do, feel free to let me know your feedback by either voting for me, or rating, or dropping a comment and if you tried it, feel free to post the photo in the comments below.... :)!

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Step 1: Material

You're gonna need :
-A beaker
-A mold
-A small spoon (like shown above)
-Glycerine (10 drops to be exact)
-Vanilla (1 drop) [it's the purple one in the picture]
-Coloring (1 drop) (i used red)
-Sodium Bicarbonate (4 spoons) [blue one in the pic]
-Cornstarch (2 spoons) [yellow one in the pic]
-Citric Acid (2 spoons) [big red one in the pic]
-Stirring stick
This is the kit that i used, which came with clear instructions btw, but i published this instructable for those who don't have this kit in their area, so they can buy the material right away and have fun.. :)

Step 2: Add

Using the clean beaker add :
4 spoons of sodium bicarbonate
2 spoons of cornstarch
2 spoons of citric acid

Step 3: Glycerine

Add 10 drops of Glycerine...

Step 4: Vanilla an Coloring

add 1 drop of vanilla and one drop of coloring... for instance i used red coloring.. :)!

Step 5: Stir !

Stir using the stirring stick.. :)

Step 6: Mold

Spoon the mixture into the mold and keep it for a minute then loosen the bomb around the edges and tilt it into your hand...! Then leave it for several hours in a dry place and then put it in the water and watch it fizz ! I'll try to repost a picture of it fizzing, meanwhile, i would really like to see yours if you made one ! Thanks and please vote for me if you like it :)!

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