How to Make a Bath Scrub for Your Body





Introduction: How to Make a Bath Scrub for Your Body

I'm 10 and this is super easy. This video shows how to make a bath time treat-- an all natural sugar scrub to clean and moisturize your body.



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    olive oil instead of veggie oil works real well, too. Good job with the video :)

    Hey Trevadea, that is a really cool instructable. Incidentally, the cheapest and easiest way to clean your hands of almost anything (including, in my case, motor grease, oils, grime, workshop debris etc) is a small glob of dishwashing liquid and a handful of sugar. Rub hands together and after a minute, run hands in water under a tap (faucet) The sugar acts as a bio-degradable abrasive which shifts almost anything. No more need for any expensive garage hand-washing products. I love the simplicity of it.

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