How to Make a Beating Heart With LEDs

Introduction: How to Make a Beating Heart With LEDs

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Hi there,

this my first try to add somthing to the site, it might not be that good, but next time it will be better :)

My wife asked me once to make something for her using LEDs will i guess i made the right thing for her :)
the project is quite simple to make. all you need is a set of  LEDs, 555 timer, some resistor and capacitor and project box to put everything in.

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Step 1: How to Make a Beating Heart With LEDs

here is a picture from inside the box !
i have used a clear blue LEDs for the litters, and red LEDs for the heart!
each LED was connected with 330R resistor in series to limit the current
i have used and modified the attached circuit to suite my needs

you can watch the video in bellow link!

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