Beautiful Succulent Terrarium in Minutes.





Introduction: Beautiful Succulent Terrarium in Minutes.

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Terrarium are low maintenance beautiful looking indoor plant arrangements. Doing it yourself will gives you lot of happiness and sense of achievement . Making one will unleash your creative ability. They are low maintenance and they live long. They can be made with Foliage or succulent. The tall covered glass terrarium is one with foliage plant. They can be closed or open terrarium. The most important thing is to group your plants based one there water need and different color. Remember it is easy and if I can do it then u sure can !!!!

They don't cost a lot and can be done with in $20.

Step 1: Items Needed

1. Terrarium plant or any succulent plant in 1 or 2 inch pot. Pick any combination of three that you can find in the store. It is a good idea to select different colored plants.

2. A Glass bowl. Pick any clear glass container with wide mouth for first timers.I would suggest medium sized one like a small fish bowl.

3. Cactus Potting soil

4. Green Moss

5. Black Pebble

6. Spoon

7. White or light colored stone small in size or any decorative stones that you can find in craft store.

8. Charcoal

Step 2: Process

1.1 First begin by placing the black rock in the bottom of the bowl. I would say about 1 inch or more depending on the size of the bowl.

1.2 On top of the rock bed add a thin layer of charcoal. I learned it from one of the comments. It keeps the soil fresher.

2. Now pour the potting soil in the container. The level of the soil should be little below the middle of the glass bowl.

3. Having done that now stick the succulent in soil with your hand or use spoon to plant them.

4. Use the green moss to cover the remaining soil around the succulent.

5. You can use spoon to line the bowl with stone or use any decoration, you fancy.

6. For watering use spoon, straw or medicine dropper. Here I have used spoon to water the plant.

7. Take a clean kitchen towel to clear out the glass bowl so that it is sparkling clean.

8. Finally place your creation in the place you want and are ready to show it off. They make beautiful gifts, centerpieces, mantel ornament. I just love them.

Step 3: Maintenance

1) Watering - Keep in mind that terrarium need little water. If u are using a open glass bowel then water them once in two week and for covered containers may be once a month. Medicine dropper or spoon can be used to water the plant. Misting them with water would also work. Molds may develop or plant may decay because of excessive water. If this happens put your terrarium in the sun for a day or keep the lid open of the closed terrarium.

2) Sunlight - If you have kept them indoor them once a week let them sunbath for couple of hours. Succulent can handle

3) Pruning/cleaning - As you see dead leafs/moss remove them. Plants can be pruned as needed. The plants that have over grown they can be pruned or removed.

4) Once in couple of month clean the exterior and interior of the glass bowl with kitchen tissue.

Over all they are low maintenance and easy to manage. I have one with me for the last seven months and i find them easy.

You can read up more on Terrarium online or watch videos on you tube.



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Yes Rosey, you are right.These make great gift. Just add a small care card with the Terrarium. You will be surprised how many people don't know about Terrarium. I have found cheap but fancy looking containers at Home good under $10. Post a picture when and if u decide to make them.

Nice write-up with great visuals! I made three of these myself a few months ago to go in offices, two in big glass terrarium jars and one in a small glass teacup. I'd suggest adding a bit of aquarium charcoal just above the bottom pebbles to keep the soil from souring-- it really helps. Also, I've found that using cactus potting-soil works better than plain potting-soil (you can find it at most nurseries.) 'Sea glass' from craft stores looks really nice on the top of the soil too.

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You are so right about Charcoal and cactus potting mix. Thanks for reading through. Post some picture of your Terrarium. Its always so much learning and inspiration we get from each other..

Thank you! I totally agree. Here are pics of two of mine; I keep the little teacup one on my desk and put it in the sun every couple of days.

Teacup 01.jpgIMG_1204.JPG

OMG I love them. the tea cup is so cute. Also I love the use of cinnamon as the bark(if I am not Mistaken)..Interesting

Thanks! Found the teacup in my favorite thrift shop. And nope (though I can see why you thought it was cinnamon), that's a piece of petrified wood.

You are so right about Charcoal and cactus potting mix. Thanks for reading through. Post some picture of your Terrarium. Its always so much learning and inspiration we get from each other..

Years ago when I was in 4-H, I made a terrairum. I had put a pine cone in it. It ended up being my moisture level indicator. When it was closed up, the humidity was too high and I needed to leave the cover off. When it was wide open for several days it meant I needed to add water. I had foliage plants and not cacti.

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Do you have to "prune" them, will they eventually grow too big for the bowl ? Or does the limited space keeps them small ? Looks really neat and some great colour combos there !

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Honestly this is my first succulent terrarium so i don't know. The one that I made in March was with foliage and it needs to be cleaned of dry leaf as needed which is rare as thy grow so slow.

if you are not eating the plants, mix in some of the gel from a diaper to the soil (or buy it at a craft store). this will help maintain your water as the gel dries out as the plants drink the water then absorbs the excess when you water! i learned this from another ible!

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I must make this! So pretty!

You make it so simple to use. The color choice is excellent and refreshing.