How to Make a Belt With Duct Tape




Introduction: How to Make a Belt With Duct Tape

I will be teaching you how to make a belt with duct tape

Step 1:

Step one:
You will need.
two of you favorite duct tape colors or one
singe hole punch (or grommet press)
measuring tape
belt buckle (from old belt that dose not  fit you anymore)
cutting board (or the floor)
exacto knife (or a blazer knife)

Step 2:

Step two:Get your measuring tape and wrap it around your waist .Get your first color duct tape and make it as long waist add three more inch's of tape if you grow out of that sive later in the year. With the same color duct tape make it the same length as the first one. Then when that is done put the tapes sticky side to sticky HALF WAY  to together. Then flip the extra sticky side down and do the same for other side too. Then decorate it.

Step 3:

 Step three:We are going to and the belt buckle. Get a two piece of tape two inch's long. With your exacto knife or a blazer knife cut some tape off on the sides till it has a T shape and throw the sides and keep the T. Now fold it up stick side to stick side till you have no more T shape only a line with no sticky stuff in the middle and attach it to the belt. With the non stick part put your belt buckle and then do the same for other side.Then get another piece of tape rape it around lose pieces.

Step 4:

Step four: If you want to you don't need to you can cut  a point like a triangle at the end of your belt. With your hole punch or grommet press make holes you think well fit you

Step 5:

Step five: Get another piece of tape long enough for it can wrap around belt and leave space and in the back tape it down three inch's away from belt buckle and that will be your belt loop.

Step 6:

and you are now done and there you have it a duct tape belt

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    Do you always construct your projects on top of a fully set dinner table? Seems like that would make things far more difficult than they needed to be. It also makes the pictures just a bit busy.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Love the belt -here's the Maglite belt holder you may need for it (made with duct-tape and an electrical tie):