How to Make a Bender Keychain!

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First you want to open up solidworks and make a new part sketch.

Step 1: Revolving

Make the part look like it does in the sketch ignore the yellow area.

Once you have done that revolve it and it should look like a cylinder with an antenna.

Step 2: Visor

Now you want to make a rectangle on the front plane and and fillet the edges to 0.1 inches.

Now you want to extrude it out however far you want it.

It should look something like it does in the picture.

Step 3: Eyes

Now you want to make to circles and extrude them out so they look something like it does in the picture.

After that you want to fillet the cylinder so it looks just like the picture

Step 4: Mouth

Now we have to make the mouth. This part was kind of tricky at first but once i got it, it worked.

We need to make a copy of the front plane (by using reference geometry and selecting plane.) and move it forward towards the eyes. (Look at the picture if you need help.)

Now we need to sketch a rectangle on that plane.

You need to fillet the corners of that rectangle to 0.17 inches. it should look something like it does in one of the pictures.

Now we need to cut-extrude that rectangle. Select through all, then you should be done with the mouth!

Step 5: Key-chain Hole

Now we need to make the hole for the key-chain.

This part is very easy all we need to do is sketch a circle and extrude cut it.

First we need to sketch a circle on the front plane (my radius is 0.6 inches but that turned out a little small on the maker bot so i would make it a little bigger.)

Once you've sketched that circle then do a cut extrude for both directions and select through all.

It should look like it does in the picture or something of that nature.

Step 6: Shelling Bender.

We are now on the final part and now need to shell the bender.

This step explains itself and all we need to do is select the bottom part and shell it.

Step 7: Finished!

Now we are done! The final product should look something like this. Keep in mind the the 3d printer screwed up a little on mine and yours should look a little better if you do it right.



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