How to Make a Book Into an Ipod Dock.



In this instructable I will show you how to make an old book into an ipod touch dock ( works for other devices as well).

Materials: 1 Hard back book, cardboard (I used the thinner kind found in small boxes), Cover from the plastic case your ipod touch came in ( an Altoid case would probably work for some kinds of MP3s), exacto knife, fine tooth hack saw ( optional but makes the project go faster), power drill, scissors and Super glue. (glue stick and decorative photos if desired)

Note: The blue back light are the LED's on my X-Mini II capsule speakers, so if you want back lighting and don't have the speakers then you will have to install your own.

Note: This is my first Step by step instructable, so if you have you have trouble understanding it feel free to ask me a question.

Step 1: Select Your Book and Cut Out the Pages

Once you select your book you will need to remove the pages, To do this open the cover and cut along the blue line (see illustration)
Turn the book over and do the same on the other side.

Step 2: Cut Out the Side Pieces

Next you will need to cut two cardboard "triangles" used to support the book ( see illustration #1) Measure the spine of the book (illustration #3 UPPER BLUE LINE) you will use this measurement to cut off the tip of the triangle later on (lower BLUE LINE) Next stand the book on end, on top of the cardboard and brace it so it is at a RIGHT ANGLE! (see illustration #2 / #3 RED LINES) Take care to make sure that the spine is aligned evenly ( see illustration #3) Once your book is aliened properly you can use a pencil to trace along the RED LINES (Illustration #3) then use the measuring stick to trace the GREEN LINE. Now that you have traced a triangle you can remove the book and use the spine measurement (illustration #3 BLUE LINE) to "cut" off the tip. Carefully cut it out using the exacto knife, you may need to make more then one pass to cut it all the way through. Now that you have your beheaded cardboard triangle you can trace it to create a second one. They should end up looking like the two pictured in Illustration #1

Step 3: Cut the Hole for the Dock

Once you have determined what side you want your dock to be on, place the COVER of the plastic ipod box OPEN SIDE DOWN on the book ( Illustration #1 and use the measuring stick to get it centered. Once you have it centered trace along the little plastic lip at the base of the cover, this will enable it to fit into the hole like it fit into the box. The next step is to cut it out, this will take a a while, keep running the exacto knife around and once you have a trench, then you can use the fine tooth hack saw to cut out the straight parts (Illustration 4). Now that you have a hole you may need to file it some before the cover fits. ( it should pretty tightly)

Note: don't make your hole to low or the audio cable will hit the ground and the book wont sit straight

Step 4: Glue the Dock In

Now glue the cover into the back side of the hole.

Step 5: Make an Audio Hole

Next step is to use the drill to make a hole for the audio cable to come out. ( see illustration)

Step 6: Glue One the Sides

Now its time to install you "beheaded triangles" Use the tape to secure them in place, then glue them from the inside. (You may need to get someone to help you for this step)

Step 7: Add Supports

Once the glue is dry its time to add some structural integrity, make 4 little triangles out of cardboard (illustration 1) and glue them on the inside (illustration 2)

Step 8: (optional) Adding Photo Decorations

This is for those of you who wants to add photos decorations.

Instructions for adding multilayer photo to dock: See illustration 1, you will start by getting the base of the plastic ipod box and using it to trace the BLUE LINE, next measure the RED DOTS two on each side (distance optional). Now line the mesuring stick up with the RED DOTS and create the GREEN LINES. Use the scissors to cut along the GREEN LINE. Since you had to use the out side of the box to trace the BLUE LINE it is larger then the inside of the dock. So fold the photo, snip a hole inside the BLUE LINE and cut all along it taking care to cut about a quarter of an inch inside it. Once everything is cut out use the glue stick to glue them in the appropriate places.

Instructions for adding photos to sides: See Illustration 3, To cut photos for the sides simply
use the hole you cut the side piece out of to trace lines on the photo, then cut it out 'n' paste it on.



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