How to Make a Book Mark From a Plastic Bottle



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        Recently when I was reading a fairy tale book to my 16 month old daughter and she was so much attracted to the tiny princess book mark that hung from the top, and since then as we sit to read she picks the same book every time.
So just to pull her attention to other books I made some colorful book marks. Well I thought it would boost her interest in reading and she does listen, but mostly she just pulls all the book marks out and plays with it  :-D

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Step 1: To Make This Simple Little Bookmark We Require the Following Items:

1. Plastic bottle (Empty milk can / plastic juice bottles.)
2. Scissors
3. Knife
4. Marker
5. Paint
6. Brush
7. Paper

Step 2: Method

Take a clean empty milk can or any plastic bottle, cut its top and handle portion.

Step 3:

Cut a rectangular strip - the size is totally based on the design we are going to make

Step 4:

Draw any design on a paper, I have simply drawn a leaf with some flowers and cut it with scissor.

Step 5:

Then place the pattern on the rectangular strip of plastic and draw the outline on it and cut it.

Step 6:

Then paint on the design. This is totally up to ones imagination we can use anything decorative like laces, beads, stones etc.
  Here I have simply used some pearl metallic colors and outlined it with contrasting colors. The best thing about this paint is that it dries quickly and I don't need to wait long :-D.

Cut along the lower flower's border and stop once half way through.

Slightly push the cut part down lik a flap.

Step 7:

 Insert the book mark into any page of a book you like. 

 Hope you enjoy making one with your kids ..

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