How to Make a Boot Rack

Introduction: How to Make a Boot Rack

Supplies for rack to hold 8 boots:
8- 2"x4"s cut into pieces 1.5 ft long
1- 2"x6" cut to 5.5 ft long
16- metal brackets for reinforcement 

1) first cut all your pieces of wood using a chop saw or miter saw
2) place the first 2x4 2" in from the end and srew it in using the brackets
3) place the next 2x4 7" away from the first one ( 7 inches leaves plenty of room between. You can go smaller if you'd like)
4) if you continue the 7" spacing you will finish with a 2" space from the end of the 2x6 
5) when I finished I rounded the tops of the 2x4s so they were smooth
6) you can also paint or seal the rack when you are finished

This boot rack is really easy to make. I made it at the TechShop.

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