How to Make a Bootable Usb


Introduction: How to Make a Bootable Usb

hellow friends I am aman gupta and I am study in class 9 in st.joseph school machhalishahar and I am going to show you how to make a bootable pendrive on command promt

Step 1: Material Need

1.pc(personal computer) setup least 4gb pendrive

Step 2: Open Cmd on Pc

(after type a step press enter key)
3.TYPE=list disk
4.TYPE=select disk #(as you want make bootable)
6.TYPE=create partition primary
7.TYPE=select partition 1
9.TYPE=format fs=fat32(warning ¢ this step delete all data of pendrive I am not responsible)
10.TYPE=assign letter=y
12.close =cmd
13.copy the windows setup files on pendrive

100%work in xp/7/8/8.1



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    3 Discussions

    Thanks for this useful stuff. Here is an typing error in first step. you typed "deskpart"
    but it is actually "diskpart"

    Very good, but you need to correct/change "deskpart" to "diskpart" -- to open the disk partition tool. You also might mention that the command prompt window can be found by clicking the Start button and typing "cmd" in the search box. Overall, pretty good.

    This is cool! Do you type and do all this in the command prompt?