How to Make a Bowl Out of Air Compressor Accessories.

Introduction: How to Make a Bowl Out of Air Compressor Accessories.

This is an awesome way to make a handy little bowl that doesnt look like a bowl. That means you can keep it anywhere, like your car, and if you get searched, all you have to do is unscrew it. You can smoke tobacco out of it, or other things if you prefer  ;)

Step 1: Materials

First, you need:

1/4 inch NPT female coupler
2x 1/4 inch NPT female plug with 1/4 inch female thread
1/4 inch brass fitting
Small metal screen
Teflon tape (optional)

You can find these at Lowes if you dont have them, and i found the screen by unscrewing my sink filter.

Step 2: Wash It Well

If you found the materials, wash them off REALLY WELL. You probably dont want rust in your lungs. Unless you are short on cash, or the materials are very new, I suggest buying the materials, because it's simpler than extensive cleaning.

Step 3: Putting It Together (part 1)

Alright, now take one of the female plugs and fit the screen down below the thread. Make sure its all the way down, and the sides of it are even. Obviously, this is where the "substance" goes.

Step 4: Putting It Together (part 2)

Once the screen is in nice and tight, take the teflon tape and tape it around the brass fitting You dont have to do this, but I did it so nothing leaks through the thread. After that, screw it onto the coupler, like the picture:

Step 5: Putting It Together (part 3)

Now, take the plug that you put the screen into, and plug it into the top of the coupler, like so:

Step 6: Putting It Together (part 4)

Now take the other plug and screw it onto the brass fitting, like so:

Step 7: Finished!

Now your done! After practice, you can unscrew the whole thing and reorder it a different way so no one will ever know its a bowl. O

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    have you had any troubles with quick connect pieces? they have O rings in them and i was worried about fumes.


    6 years ago

    I really hope you dont actually smoke from this. Galvanized coating on those pieces and teflon tape both produce fumes that are terrible to breath in!

    looks great and will definitely try it out. did you try using an elbow for that part that gets the screen? or is that unneccessary since you smoke like a metal cigar'