How to Make Bubbles Bounce




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Bubbles .We all have fun with playing with bubbles , But , still we get bored by it .We often think that it would be good if the bubbles somehow lasted longer and were not so delicate . So. in this tutorial i'm going to teach you how to make bubbles bounce . I't works by reducing surface of contact between to object .

Step 1: Materials Required

  • Dish washing liquid
  • Water
  • Drinking straw
  • A cotton cloth (A towel will do )

Step 2: Making the Solution

Mix the water and dish washing liquid in equal amounts . Then test the consistency By blowing bubbles using a drinking straw .

Step 3: Making It Bounce

Make a bubbles using the straw and keep a cotton cloth in one hand

.After blowing a bubble try boucing the bubble on the cloth . Remeber , the key is to make bubbles of average size to big would pop very easily and smaller ones will stick to the surface of the cloth .Best of luck trying to make it bounce .

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