How to Make a Bullwhip (no Ducktape)

I was looking for any instructable how to make a cheap whip with crack effect.I found only instructable,how to make a bullwhip from ducktape.this whip is ugly and not work.My whip can crack and is cheap end easy!

Step 1: You Will Need:

Skipping rope (heavier is better)

Thin string


Step 2: Making the Whip:

First,you must cut one side of the skipping rope.

Step 3: Making the Whip 2:

Second,you must cut string about 20 centimeters.

Step 4: Making the Whip 3:

You must connect string with whip body (skipping rope)

Step 5: Finish:

Well,the whip is finish and ready for adventure!If you want,you can paint it on colour you like.
I am member of fanclub of Indiana Jones,so I painted it brown.Here is photo of white whip and painted whip.

I hope you enjoy it. Radaradarable



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