How to Make a Powerful Burning Laser for CHEAP!




After watching many videos on youtube of people burning things with high power lasers, I wanted one.Those lasers can cost a lot of money though, something I don't have. So I made one, and in this instructable, I will show you how to make one for less than ten bucks. This is my first instructable, so if I did something wrong, please tell me. This laser outputs between 50-100 milliwatts(I think), and can burn electrical tape, light matches and melt thin plastic.I was messing around with this laser one day, and I shined it at a mirror,  and the laser shined back in my eye for a second. I heard a popping sound and I couldn't see anything for a couple of minutes. Now, I was LUCKY that I did not get permanently blinded, but if I shined it a second longer I probably would have been. Now with that said, NEVER point a laser at another person, animals, or any other living thing.

Okay, Now lets make the laser.

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Step 1: The Parts Needed

You will need:

1. A old DVD drive (free)

2. A LM317 ($2.00)

3. 10 ohm resistor ($0.10)

4. An Aixiz Module from here: ($5.00)

5. 6-volt battery pack from Radioshack ($1.99) 

Tools Needed:

A soldering iron (free)

Screwdriver (free)

Total Cost : $9.10

Step 2: Get the Diode

Remove all the screws on your DVD drive, take off the rails by removing the screws that hold it in place and take off the laser tray. There should be two diodes on the laser sled, one of them is infrared. You can test for the red diode by hooking the diode up to a 3 volt battery pack. Then remove the weak 5 mw laser module from the Aixiz housing and add the new laser diode from the DVD laser assembly. Solder 2 wires to the positive and negative of the laser diode according to the diagram.

Step 3: Build the Driver

Solder the positive wire from the battery pack to the right pin on the LM317. Solder the 10 ohm resistor between the middle pin and the left pin. Then solder the laser positive to the left pin, and the laser negative directly to the battery negative. The   picture shows a 5 ohm resistor, but it should be a 10 ohm. If you use a 5 ohm, it will still work, and the laser will be more powerful, but it will shorten the life of the diode.

Step 4: Burn Stuff!

Put in 4 AA batterys in the battery pack, and fire it up! The laser dot is really bright. I like to shine it through my neighbors bathroom window and scare the crap out of him(not a good idea). But anyway have fun, be safe, and don't get caught.

Oh yeah this is my entry for the wicked lasers contest, so if you like this instructable, please vote for me.

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2 years ago

Hi guys ,I got a laser diode from my lite-on DVD drive.I powered the diode using multimeter it won't that spoiled?

3 replies

Reply 6 months ago

Unless you have a special multimeter I've never seen or heard of, you can power things with a multimeter. Try a 3v coin cell but do it quick


Reply 6 months ago

If you power it without an actuall driver it is likely to fry the diode if you do it too long


Reply 10 months ago

I am very curious to find out how you powered it with a multimeter


Reply 1 year ago

without the resistor it will burn out quicker


Question 8 months ago

Can I use the circuitry out of a LED flashlight to power this laser by just directly wiring it to the leads going into the LED?

1 answer

Answer 6 months ago

Im no expert but as far as I know that will just fry your diode. Google it before you try


8 months ago

For the record, according to internet research I believe the popping noise you heard was water explosively boiling at the back of your eyeball. It's been a few years, but you should probably get it looked at the next time you go to the ophthalmologist.

Aditya Jeet yadav

9 months ago

I need an circuit diagram for the circuit because I am student and I want my work education project which is laser gun which can burn

RaduR6Gürch von Krankenmensch

Answer 10 months ago

20k mW means 20 WATT. there are no laser diodes this powerful and a 20w laser is extremely dangerous. To burn stuff, you need a laser >50-60mW


11 months ago

Why do I have have a sinking feeling half of the people who commented really shouldn’t have a laser? Be safe and great job sonofjoe

Someone unknown

Question 1 year ago

I want to make a hand of Ironman a fully weaponed can you help me for powerfull lazer cutters and instruct for other weapons please???????

1 answer
trevorj63Someone unknown

Answer 1 year ago

all of those weapons in his hand are science fiction, the only real thing is the laser and it's really hard to make it that powerful


3 years ago


1 reply