How to Make a Button Cuff




Introduction: How to Make a Button Cuff

I was inspired by this book.
However the design in the book wasn't really masculine enough for me, so I made some adjustments.

You will need:
1.Buttons ( I used the green buttons off my Army uniform [fellow Singaporeans will recognise these buttons], they're quite large, slightly more than 1.5 cm in diameter) The amount of buttons you need depends on the size of your wrist. About 8 button's length for me. You'll be about 3x-2 that amount.

2.Nylon thread ( thickness is up to you. Too thick and its hard to work with, too thin and it might snap if you're not careful)

3. Pliers (optional)

4. Some kind of hooking/clasp/catch that is used in jewellery. This bracelet is not an elasticated one, so you will need something to open and close it around your wrist. I used a two piece toggle clasp. You can use whatever works for you.

Some warnings before you begin, working with nylon is a bit tricky, you may want to consider metal thread as it is more malleable.

This is my first instructable. Any feedback on my writing style/use of diagrams would be invaluable to enable me to give better instructions in future. Thank you

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Step 1:

First of all, take 1 button. The button has 4 holes, orientate it so it looks like a diamond. You'll be sewing through the vertical holes (north and south). I wil use terms like north south east west to refer to the 4 different holes on the button.

Tie your thread to the south hole with a double knot. You may need to use pliers to tighten your first knot as nylon is slippery. Push the thread through the north hole and then the south hole of a second button, then back into the north hole of the first button. You'll now need to wind (see my picture) the thread around the existing thread or loop that you just made. Once you've winded it around a few times, maybe 5 times, push the thread through the south hole on the 2nd button. Repeat this step till you've got enough buttons to almost go round your wrist. You should now have a string of buttons.

Make a second string.

Step 2:

You should have two strings of buttons. You're gonna tie them together horizontally, by threading a third set of buttons between the two.

Line up your two strings of buttons paralellel to each other. tring 1 is on your left, string 2 on your right.Tie a new thread in the east hole of the first string. There's no easy way to explain this so please look at my diagram. The thread in purple is the one you should be following now. The thread in brown/maroon is what you just did. The X represents the start or the knot.

You may want to leave space between the strings 1 and 2, so that is easier to bend. I didn't do it and I found my cuff a little hard to bend. Experiment and see what is best.

Once you've finished adding all the button on the middle row, now its time to add the clasp/or what ever mechanism you have chosen to use.

Step 3:

What is important to note here is to attach the clasp to the two buttons on string 1 and 2, not the middle row of buttons. If you do that, you will cause the last buttons on string 1 and 2 to bend and not follow the contour of your wrist.

Use the left over nylon from string 1 and 2 or use a fresh piece of thread. Tie a knot on one of top buttons on string 1. loop it around your clasp and thread through string 2 top button. Do this a few times.

Finally, wind the two top buttons in the same way you did in step 1. This helps to keep that area straight as it will probably buckle.

Repeat this step on with the second piece of the clasp.

You're done!

The bracelet will be a bit hard to wear at first, but the nylon should soften and mold to your wrist shape.

I'm thinking of making an elasticated one, if anyone has any ideas, do share!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is the best explanation of this style that I have seen. Now to get busy making some "girly" button bracelets.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    actually you could but i was thinking more washer mail (as opposed to chain mail) this ible gave me the idea as i was writing that but yea why not washers esp brass ones would look nice IMO


    10 years ago on Introduction

    wow, cool. I am envisioning some sort of button chainmaille that could be made like this. very cool. washers. also brilliant.