How to Make a Cheap & Lightweight Lightsphere

Introduction: How to Make a Cheap & Lightweight Lightsphere

This is a simple way to own a good lighsphere saving your money.I qualify this work as easy and low cost.

The material that you require is this:

-2 plastic bowls(from baby food for example).

-A rubber strip.

-2 rubber pad(sylent-block type f.ex)


-Heat gun.

First heat the base of one of the tubs with the heat gun(between 200 and 300° keeping distance so it don´t melt).When the base is soft keep the scissors and make openings across to create the diffuser flaps.How convenient is to make 4 flaps because the flashes are rectangular.Taking advantage of the waste heat which preserves jar shape as we want mould.

Then, you take the other bowl and make two perforation in the top using a drill.The perforations has to be a little more smaller than the rubber pads cause it must fit in the bowl without roominess.

We have already the two parts ready for combo mounting.

The next step, if you dont have a rubber strap, in my case i get it by an old cycle rubber tube(cutting a strap with scissors).

Just need to join the two parts using the rubber strap so you should mount it between the lips on the top of the two bowls, like the pictures.After that, you can get to start taking better photos.

One of that advantages is It can be used with the 2 parts together or separate, and it ´s cheaper, smallest & lighter and more compact than famous lightspheres in the market (f.ex; Mr.Fong diffusers) ; it doesn´t cover much space in owr bag.

Cup 1->

Cup 2->

All the material was cleaned before handwork.

I hope my advice will be helpful to make better photos.

A pic captured with micro 4/3 camera and Metz 58 AF-2 + "Super MGR lightsphere difusser" (no sparkles,no shadows..)    :

By the by, patent pending ;) XD.

Best regards from Spain.(sorry for my bad english, but the google translator neither makes it easy)


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