How to Make a Chocolate Ice Coffee



Introduction: How to Make a Chocolate Ice Coffee

Why go to a coffee shop and pay $4 for a chocolate ice coffee you can make at home. I bet you wont even have to go out and buy ingredients. Careful though fresh coffee will be HOT and this probably wont be the best drink if you want to watch your figure.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

I hate going out to the store to buy just one ingredient to make a whole recipe(baking powder, evaporated milk, etc.) So i tried to work with what I got. I never worked at Starbucks but i think my recipe might just be close to theirs. so anyway you will need:
-a glass
-room temp. coffee
-chocolate syrup
-crushed ice
-a small tea spoon
-whipped cream
-french vanilla creamer(give it a little flavor)

Step 2: Get a Glass

Not to hard is it? get a good sized glass, one that won't react bad if it comes in contact with hot coffee(if your too impatient to wait for coffee to cool down). also get a clear glass so your can see that delicious coffee from the outside.

Step 3: Add Some Crushed Ice

Get a good amount of crushed ice. about 3/4 of the cup should be fiiled. but try to stay away from the whole cubes. or don't your call.

Step 4: Add Some Coffee

Try to use coffee that's at room temperature. if you don't the ice will melt and the coffee will be watery. we don't want that.

Step 5: Add Some Milk

Give that coffee some milk! but don't give it too much because then it takes out the flavor and gets pretty fattening

Step 6: Add Some Sugar

Just like milk but you can be more giving. the more sugar gives it taste but like milk makes it fat. also TOO much is bad

Step 7: Add the Chocolate!

Get some chocolate syrup and then add that. trust yourself and add however you thing is good. Its all about limits here.

Step 8: OPTIONAL: Add Some Coffee Creamer

This is optional. Give it a little. I used french vanilla cause it was all i had but also my favorite.
but don't give it too much because its chocolate coffee not french vanilla

Step 9: Mix Well!

Get a small teaspoon and mix well. you could also mix while you made it but whatevah. oh yeah also believe it or not ice will melt! so add some more here is a good idea.

Step 10: Garnish and DONE!

Last step add some whipped cream in a circle and drizzle some chocolate syrup on top. don't squeeze the bottle cause it will dig into the cream. just hold it above it and let the bottle do the work. after add a straw and your done!!!!!!

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