How to Make a Classroom Atmosphere

During a film project we filmed a classroom scene, and decided that this would be a great idea to share on how to create a great and realistic classroom atmosphere.

Materials needed:
Binders with work inside
pencils/ pens
water bottle
and cell phones

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Step 1: Starting to Set the Scene

To set the scene it would be easier to already have a classroom and desks available. Luckily this video being a school project i can film inside a regular classroom. 

Now first you must decide how many people will be in your scene, so you know how many desks will need to be "dressed" (Items on the desks)
Second pick the desks that will have a student in it.
Lastly dress the desks. This is where you add the props like binders and pens/pencils. But do remember that students do bring extra items to class like: water, pop, bags and cellphones. So try and add some extra items to a few of the desks.

Step 2: Filming

Now place your "students" in their desks and start the scene.

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