How to Make a Coin Spin Forever




Want to make your own ever spinning Totem from INCEPTION? Gaze at a coin spin for hours endlessly. Pretty mesmerizing. Discovered this while my brother was making a magnetic stirrer for growing beer yeast. Very cool.

It's basically just a rotating magnet but the method I'm using here reduces construction time to under minute with these parts. Very quick to assemble with a bit of blue tack. No need to even glue.

My Parts List:

1. A small motor eg computer fan
2. Two magnets ( stronger the better)
3. An old CD, lollipop stick to use as something for the magnets to spin on.
4. A power source for the motor eg 9V battery
5. A small sheet of thin and pretty rigid material for the coin to spin on. I've used two sandwich boxes
6. Some blue tack or sticky tack. A fair ole lump of it.

Here's a link to an inception button for your joy:

And here's some awesome music to go with your creation:

Have fun!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    How do you get a 9 v battery to run forever?, maybe just a surprisingly long time? Did you try with a penny? for a time varying field, any conductor will feel a force, it need not be feromagnetic.

    2 replies

    "Feel a Force" Yes, but I don't believe that permanent magnets used this way would exert sufficient electromagnetic force on non-ferrous coins to cause them to spin any longer than without magnets. We could always try to freeze them in liquid nitrogen and see if they act like superconductors. :-)
    I'm no magnet expert, but once I did make my Girlfriend's finger bleed when I accidentally pinched her finger between two sizable Neodymium magnets. Sadly, I'm no longer allowed to play with Magnets in her presence, but I can't blame her.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I used an english 2p coin. I guess the queen is attracted to permanent magnets. A beer bottle cap or metal washer spins really well too