How to Make a Cool Dome Fort

This is the perfect activity for kids to do in the summer, yet it is extremely simple. It will also keep you cool in the summer while inside the fort. it is surprisingly spacious inside, and the bigger the mattress, the bigger the fort. (for a twin mattress, use a queen sized sheet.)

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Step 1: Materials

1.) mattress

2.) sheet (if mattress is twin sized, then use a queen sized sheet)

3.) powerful fan

4.) rubber band (keeps the sheet on the fan)

Thats it!!!

Step 2: Sheet in Place

Once you have your materials lay the mattress on the floor, get your sheet. Just like you would usually do tuck in the corner of the sheets into the corner of the mattress. However leave one corner untucked. then get your fan.

Step 3: Fan in Place

Once you have completed the last step, put the fan next to the untucked corner. Then get the sheet and place it over the fan like in the picture. Lastly put your rubber band over the fan and sheet so it is stable

Step 4: DONE!!!

Now your done, and go inside the dome and turn on the fan. Just have fun! this works best in the summer when your so hot!

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