How to Make a Cool Knex Michael Myers / Halloween Knife

Hi this is my short instructable on how to make a cool knex Michael Myers / Halloween knife. If you have any questions or problems building this knife feel free to comment !

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Step 1: Getting the Pieces

Just get all those pieces in the pic ! ( normally i would say there names but there isnt enough of pieces for me to do that so sorry :P :P :P :P :P

Step 2: Making the Handle

this is easy just make the pic below ! :D

Step 3: Making the Blade

ok just follow the pics ..

Step 4: Connection

Ok this is the easiest step !!!!!! follow da pic .. again

Step 5: Your Done !!!!!!!!

Ok so now you can go play with your knex knife you just made !!!
even though this is not really strong .......... I AM NOT RESPOSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO WITH THAT KNIFE well i just felt like doing that :P :P :P

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    Thank You Very Much. Epic late reply, 2 years later. Whatever. XD