How to Make a Corset (quick + Easy)




Step 1: Materials List

- dress form
- satin tape, 3 mm
- scissors
- pins
- pattern film + pen
- cardboard
- tailor's chalk / dressmaking pencil
- shell fabric (medium weight)
- lining (heavyweight canvas)
- sewing machine
- yarn (polyester)
- plastic bones, 5 mm
- eyelets
- eyelet setting tool
- ribbon
- electric iron

Step 2: Making the Pattern

You just need a dress form, some pins and a satin tape to start making a pattern. If it is your first attempt to sew a corsage: Keep it simple!

Step 3: Making the Pattern

Step 4: Making the Pattern

Step 5: Making the Pattern

I always use transparent film to transfer the pattern.

Step 6: Making the Pattern

Step 7: Making the Pattern

Step 8: Making the Pattern

Now you can transfer the film pattern to a cardboard. Don' t forget  to add 1 cm seam allowance. (sides, bottom, top) 

Step 9: Making the Pattern

Fabrics should be cut on a grain. Draw a right angle from the waist line to get the grain. The straight grain runs parallel to the selvedge.

Step 10: Cutting the Fabric

Step 11: Cutting the Fabric

Step 12: Sewing Shell Fabric / Lining

Sew all pattern pieces together and iron flat afterwards.

Step 13: Sewing Shell Fabric / Lining

Step 14: Sewing Bone Channels

We use the seam allowance to get bone channels. Just sew at a distance of 0,5 cm beneath all dividing seam.

Step 15: Sewing Bone Channels

Step 16: Sewing Shell Fabric and Lining Together

Now that the bone channels are ready, the shell fabric and lining can be sewn together at the top.

Step 17: Inserting Plastic Bones Into Bone Channels

Step 18: Sewing Shell Fabric and Lining Together

The shell fabric and lining can be sewn together at the bottom. 

Step 19: Sewing Center Back

Step 20: Sewing Center Back

Step 21: Sewing Center Back

Step 22: Inserting Eyelets

Step 23: Inserting Eyelets

Step 24: Inserting Eyelets

Step 25: Inserting Eyelets

Step 26: Inserting Eyelets

Step 27: Inserting Eyelets

Step 28: Inserting Eyelets

Step 29: Inserting Eyelets

Step 30: Lacing the Corset

Step 31: Ready Made Garment



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    9 Discussions


    14 days ago

    Count me in


    Question 1 year ago on Step 5

    Where can you buy transparent film? Is there a brand or recommended retailer? Will cling film or clear food wrap be OK? Does it need to be self adhesive?


    2 years ago

    Love this! Is there an eyelet hole template that can be purchased? What is the material punch tool called? Is there ever a time that you could use boning around the curve of the top of the corset, or always vertically?


    2 years ago

    If anyone else has issues with the bone channels... from all appearances the designer is sewing a 0.5cm seam ON the seam allowance that is pressed open at the back. In other words, after you have sewn the initial seams, press them open and then top stitch 0.5cm from the seam centre edge, on either side of that centre seam line. You are sewing along what would otherwise be the bit you zigzag on to reinforce a seam before trimming it off.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Can you please tell me where I can buy the transparent film you used to transfer the pattern?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I, too, am having trouble following the boning instructions. This may be because I am unsure of how your edged your seams. It looks like you fold it inside out but I never see you make a mention of that. Overall though I do love the drafting portion of this tutorial and it has been widely helpful :)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Gracias por la info ... esta información me ha ayudado en la toma de bustier básico. Espero el otro Info también eh ....


    5 years ago

    This is great! I have never learned how to follow a store bought pattern but I can follow this! The bone channels are unclear to me but I can look it up. Thank you! Following you!