How to Make a Custom Clock

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What you need:
-Container for clock
-Tools to take apart clock and cut through container
-Paper for custom decorated decal

Step 1: Starting the Clock

First, disassemble your clock, but make sure it still works

Next, decorate your decal or print a picture out

After these steps are completed, outline your clock and cut out the clock outline. Make sure your clock fits in the slot.

Step 2: Preparing the Picture

Outline your picture in the shape of the case and the clock hole. Next, cut out your outline and make sure you setup fits together. If it does not make the necessary cuts.

Step 3: Assembling the Clock

Now, attach all the components. Start by attaching the clock and making sure it works. Next attach your picture to the front, if you want to change it often, attach with tape, but if you want a near permanent picture (like me) use glue.

Lastly, if you would like the clock to stand up attach a back support, I used a paperclip.

You're done! feel free to ask questions, and please VOTE for me in the "Clocks" challenge.Thanks! :)



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