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Introduction: How to Print a Custom Tote Bag

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Hey everyone, this is how to make a personalized tote bag for family and friends. I made this one for my Mum and as she loves frogs and the colour green I decided to print this one with exactly that!!! This is a really cool gift because it looks so professional! Basically you'll need:

Baking paper
Stanley knife (or other)
A canvas tote bag (I bought mine at a thrift store for about $2.50)
Paints (fabric is best but acrylics work fine)
and A printed sheet (we'll get to that later)  

Step 1: Making the Template

If using a different design or couldn't get to mine, open up Microsoft word and type the word/message you want. Look up '(animal/design) silhouette' on the internet then copy and paste that in. Adjust font, size and italics/bold of the word and picture. When you are happy with your design print it out. Slide that sheet under a piece of grease-proof paper and copy out the template. Then, cut the grease-proof paper with a stanley knife. You now have one completed template!

Step 2: Painting on the Design

Lay out your tote bag flat. If it is creased place a piece of cardboard underneath. Put your template face-up on the bag and tape it down with sellotape (it is easily removed).  Keeping the paper flat and still, paint over it in the colour of your choice. When the paint has been applied evenly, remove your template and place the bag flat to dry. You now have one personalized tote bag! Hooray!

Please note that, though the bag should be washable, that it is not to be over washed. Use common sense when choosing the machine setting.

Thanks for listening!!!

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