How to Make a Detailed Prop Replica Pistol


Introduction: How to Make a Detailed Prop Replica Pistol

My buddies and I have decided to take our costuming to a whole new level by using a CNC mill and AutoCAD to produce blanks of 3D models to be molded and cast for prop scale replica pistols and other weapons. Here is one of the original ideas we came up with.

The 4th photo is in there as we removed the cooling vents from the barrels before production because if we had put them in, the piece would never fit into a holster properly. We made the blank from machineable wax, the trigger and handle assembly as well as the magazine are being cut into the piece as we speak. I'll post a later instructible about the molding and casting process.

All photos © Matt Morton (me) and are under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License



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    Any idea as to when you should be completed?

    have you completed model as of yet?