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      23 Discussions


      8 years ago on Introduction

      Listing this as a Dagorhir item is completely bogus.
      Dagorhir weapons must have a cloth cover.
      Dagorhir does not allow any double-ended weapons other than the quarterstaff, and this does not pass as a staff.
      Pool noodle barely passes for striking surface padding, in the rare places where it passes at all.
      The foam is barely attached to the core. Just no.
      Pool noodle does not, under ANY circumstances at all, ever pass alone as a stabbing tip in Dagorhir. Make a hard stab with that and the foam will collapse down the pipe and expose the core, or it may just tear off. If it does neither of those, it will just hit too hard.

      Make stuff like this for lightest-touch games, but don't take it to a full-contact game without a lot of modification.

      2 replies

      Dude, seriously?
      For some people who know what is needed to make a weapon legal for a LARP, they would know how to modify the instruction to suit their needs... Did you ever stop to think that this guy is putting this up as a gateway, so people could look at it and say: 'gee this looks fun, lemme see if ther is a chapter in my area so i can see what its really about!'
      Dude, no need to be that rude to the man...

      If it's listed in association with a specific game, it should pass in that game. Otherwise just call it a boffer. I don't think this passes for either of the games it's listed for, but there is precious little similarity to a passing Dagorhir weapon. Making a boffer that will hold up and hit OK for dagorhir or Belegarth is very different and somewhat more complicated than your average LARP fare and it's frustrating to see people fail to make the distinction, because it's pretty significant.


      Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

      Agreed. Last time I checked, Dag weapons are not allowed to be constructed out of pool noodle foam. Rocks probably could be, but not anything with a core that's going to strike a body.


      8 years ago on Introduction

      No adhesives whatsoever are used to fix the noodle to the core? Just duct tape at the handle end?

      Pretty nice 'ible.  However, pvc pipe is big, slow, and whippy. If you wanna be a good fighter, you want quick, thin, and rigid. Most Amtgardians prefer graphite golf-club shafts, which you can get at pretty much any golfing range. I plan to do an 'ible on this myself. But the real reason for this post is if you put a small shield in front of the handle, you have the ultimate polearm-stopper. This is called a middle madu, and I can tell you, it's amazingly effective.

      2 replies

      "pvc pipe is big, slow, and whippy" All depends on the type of pipe, and how long your weapon is, though. PVC pipe is pretty good up to longsword length, but can be quite whippy above that, for example. Graphite / fiberglass cores are usually what I use beyond that for claymore,s stalves, etc, BUT those can be prone to whippage as well if said weapon is built incorrectly. Case in point: A friend of mine made a glaive. We used .606 diameter kitespar and 5/8ths wall thicknes pipe insulation foam. On top of that, we took some open cell foam I had left over from attempting to make a hammer / axe boffer, and made it into a thick striking edge. It was, however, a little too much open cell, and we didn't use 1/2" PVC on the handle to stabilize the kitespar core [to control whipping], so that thing, when swung, would whip easily 30+ degrees. We have long since fixed it.

      i actually prefer a war door made from part of a plastic barrel for polearm stopping. my most recent weapon set is florentine warglaives which apply to the long weapon guidelines. i have an 'ible on them


      9 years ago on Introduction

      Nice design, but  I just want to warn everyone that double ended daggers are specefically prohibited in Dagorhir. However, I don't know about the other games. I would definitely use these if I could, but I just don't want people to waste supplies on an illegal weapon if they play Dag.


      9 years ago on Introduction

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      10 years ago on Introduction

      One criticism, if I may. Before you label this for Dagorhir or Amtgard, you need to check specifications that this is legal. I'll warn you ahead of time that this is illegal by many standards for Dagorhir.

      3 replies

      Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

      This is mainly for just like backyard play with friends. It's the easy way, but thanks for the Criticism.


      Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

      The local Amtgard chapter follows the rules on weapons a little too strictly. Rather, I should say that they don't use their minds and common sense when it comes to weapons. Their flatblade builds are rediculous and painful. They make the edge flat so you get a nice slap when you swing it and it leaves red marks, yet the guidelines say that it's only considered safe if it doesn't leave a mark... Confusing. Nice simple construction though. I'd prefer to see something like this weighted to make it easier to block heavier weapons, but not all games allow weighting.


      Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

      You can also use camping foam lined up very fancy like. If my parents will allow me to buy some (its at walmart for about $6), I'll probably post another instructable the fancy way.


      Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

      If you can get ahold of it, the pads from DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) pads - the squishy foam, no the really dense foam that others have - works pretty well too.