How to Make a Drab T-shirt Fabulous!




Introduction: How to Make a Drab T-shirt Fabulous!

Have an old T-shirt laying around that needs some revamping? This super easy instructable is for you!  It took me just under 2 hours to finish this project and really doesn't require many supplies, so it's a perfect beginner project.  Enjoy!!!

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Step 1: Supplies

Supply List:

    Old Worn Out T-shirt
    Thread (Cotton or Polyblend)
    Elastic Thread (I found my with the beading supplies at a craft store)
    Scissors or Rotary Cutter
    Erasable Fabric Marker
    Pins (if needed)

Step 2: Neckline

First off I marked where I wanted the neckline to be.  I measured 2.5" in from where the shoulder seam meets the sleeve and about 1" from the existing neckline in the center (both front and back).  I then used the plate to connect those marks, making the new neckline curved and cut out the new neckline about 1/2" from my line.  To finish off the neckline I folded the cut edge under to my line and sewed about 1/4" from the fold around the whole neckline.

Step 3: Sleeves

I adjusted the sleeve similar to the neckline, marking the amount I wanted to remove and the finishing the edges.  One tip I'd like to add for altering clothes is making a pattern from one side of the garment to use for the opposite side.  I find this makes taking the same amount off from both sides much easier and use this technique for hemming pant legs as well. 

Step 4: Smocked Waistband

Now for the fun part!!! First, hand wind the elastic thread on a bobbin - make sure not to stretch out the thread when winding it on.  Then find where you'd like your "waistband" to be (mine is about 6" from the hem) and sew 5 equally spaced lines around the circumference of the shirt.  Once all the lines are sewn it will look slightly gathered, but the real magic happens when you put some heat and steam to it.  Once iron the smocked area should look considerably smaller than the rest of the shirt. 

Step 5: Finished!!!

Wasn't that easy???  Now wear your new shirt and be fabulous! 

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    It's the '80s ALL OVER AGAIN! It even has an authentic shirt!