How to Make a Duck Tape Rose

Introduction: How to Make a Duck Tape Rose

What’s more beautiful than a rose made of Duck Tape? No dirt, no thorns to deal with, and you don’t even have to water it! Follow these instructions and create one for yourself, as a gift or decoration.

The step pictures that I am using are not my own.

Step 1: Step One: Supplies and Tools

- duck tape (color of your choice)
-straw (you can also use pipe cleaners)
-crafting board (optional) 

Step 2: Step Two

-Cover your straw in Duck Tape (green) to create your stem. A recommended way is to roll the straw lengthwise across the Duck Tape with the sticky side up

Step 3: Step Three

- Take the duck tape color of your choice, and cut off about a two inch strip. With the sticky side up fold a corner to the middle leaving the bottom still sticky.
-Then do the same time to the other side making a triangle and still leaving the bottom half sticky. 

Step 4: Step Four

-Take your straw or pipe cleaner and at the very tip wrap your first piece of duck tape very tightly.

Step 5: Step Five

-Repeat steps 3 and 4 the make the rest of the petals. Make sure to slightly overlap the petals to make sure the tips are even. 
- I usually make about 20 petals. 

-If you want to make your rose look more realistic you can round the tips.

Step 6: Step Six

-If you want petals around the flower to make it look more realistic you can repeat step 3 with the green duck tape. Wrap it around the stem at the base of the flower. 

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