How to Make a Duct Tape Flip Wallet

Introduction: How to Make a Duct Tape Flip Wallet

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In this instructable, you will learn how to make a flip wallet out of duct tape. A flip wallet is basically a wallet... that flips!

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:

-Duct Tape
-X-acto Knife
-Flat Surface
-Cutting Board (opt.)
- Lamination Paper (if you want an ID card holder)
-Credit Card (if you want credit card holders)


*If you do NOT have a cutting board, use a ruler.
*If you do NOT have an X-acto knife, use scissors (this will be very hard).
*If you do NOT have lamination paper, use a zip lock bag.

Step 2: Cut Your Tape

In this step, we are making the parts for the body of the wallet. From this point on each "-" = 1 picture.

- Cut four 5 inch strips of tape.
- Align two strips of tape and stick them together.
- Take the third strip and stick it to the bottom of the piece you just made so it is 3 inches in height
- Flip
- Stick the last strip of tape over the piece we just made, aligning the edge of the tape with the sticky part that is showing.
- Make 2 more, a total of 3.

Step 3: Put the Pieces Together

In this step, we are going to put the pieces together to make the actual flip wallet. Sometimes, I will refer to duct tape strips as strips and the piece we made in the last step as a piece. Also, the part we are making will be referred to as the body. From this point on each "~" = Next step in the same picture.

- Cut two 5 inch strips of tape.
- Take 2 pieces and put them exactly on top of each other.
- Take one strip of tape and put it half way over the 2 pieces it looks like one piece.
- Flip
- Put the third piece over half of the body.
- Take the strip and cut it in half making 2 strips.
- Take 1 strip and put it half way over the body and the last piece, sticking them together.
           ~ Do the same on the other side.
- You now have the flip wallet.

Step 4: Credit Card Holders!

In this step we will be making credit card holders! I encourage you to do what you feel like doing in this step, and don't do exactly as I do. Put however many credit card holders as you want! Some steps will not have exact measurements because it is more of an estimate.

- Cut out three 3 inch strips of tape.
- Take 2 strips and stick them together.
- Cut your third strip in half making 2 strips
- Take your credit card and the piece you just made and put them side by side.
       ~ Take a strip and put it over the piece you just made so that it is slightly bigger than the credit card
- Flip
- Take the other strip and align it with the piece you just made over the sticky part.
- Tape it onto the wallet on all sides except for the top.

Step 5: ID Card Slot!

In this step, we will make an ID Card Slot. I forgot to take pictures for this step, but it's okay because this step will be fairly easy.

- Cut a piece of you lamination paper that is 2 and a half by 3 and a half inches.
- Put a duct tape border.
- Tape it to the wallet the same way we taped the credit card holders.

Step 6: Money Holder!

Now for the last step! What's missing? Every wallet needs a place to hold your money right? Right! So we will be making the money holder! This money holder will be different than most.

- Cut three strips of tape that is a little bit smaller than 3 inches. I made mine 1 millimeter less than 3 inches.
- Tape 2 strips together and put the third strip about half an inch over the two strips.
- Cut out two strips of tape (size doesn't matter) and stick it to both sides.
- Stick it about half way in the wallet.

I forgot to take a picture while I was making the band for the money, but here's how:

- Cut two 3 inch strips.
- Fold 1 strip in half and cut the other one in half
- Put both sticky strips and put it about half an inch over the folded strip on both sides
- Stick it slightly below the money holder.

I am NOT going to do this part, but if you want to make it fancy, do this. Do you see the space when you put your money in? Try cutting out a design and put it there! It would look very nice! Make sure to consider the border, otherwise your border (if choose to make one, will overlap your design.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

You can finish now, but it still looks messy! A good way to fix this is to add a border. The border is your choice, basically put duct tape anywhere you want. Also, at the front, add a design. This whole step is optional, by the way. But the outcome of a little extra work is great! If you need any help, comment below or check out this video! The video was made by: ducttapestuff. Video:

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    lol nice i made this from watching ducttapestuff, but i approve this instructable!