How to Make a Easy Phototheremin


Introduction: How to Make a Easy Phototheremin

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    :/ would've loved to see this project but your youtube account is gone and the video keeps telling me it's private

    Thanks! No, I didn't design it I found it online so I can't take credit of it, I made this instructables because I think it's the easiest way to make a phototheremin without a 555 timer.

    I can't tell for sure without seeing a schematic but if I had to guess it looks like a Forrest Mims III of Radio Shack fame circuit to me. I made one myself many years ago.


    Very, very nice. but if I had a flashlight and my hand was almost covering it and I shined the flashlight in between my hand and the photocell, it would have made the pitch higher anyway.

    To make this more annoying, add a 1K resistor in series with photocell.

    This is great!
    I've been trying to following a much more complicated circuit that I can't get to work (and can't understand) but this is so simple and gives the exact same result.

    Good morning, 0652 here in England, thank you for an excellent instructable, have been looking for a sound circuit to make a Buzz Light year laser sound for my grandson, he will be really pleased, will probably experiment with different speakers for a sound variation, good luck with all your future projects and education, regards Doc Cox, E=MC2

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    Good morning to you from Canada! I'm happy that you like my instructable, if you want to experiment for different sounds, you can up the amp.
    Thank you and please vote for me in the toy challenge contest!!

    Hi, would be happy to vote for you in the toy challenge, how do I find it please, fairly new to all this computer stuff but learning all the time, you did mention suggestions for a project, an interesting one would be a bedini motor, these can be made from all recycled parts, but I would suggest using new parts as these are not expensive and you won,t have problems like I did when building my first one, this is a rotary generator thats uses a 12v battery to provide a low current to run while charging another 12v battery, a good site for getting building instructions is the "Daftmans site for making a bedini motor from old parts" he is also an administator for the site " TEEP- The energy experimenting people" this has info on it for bedini motors as well, also The bedini 10 pole motor informercial, hope this gives you food for thought as after looking at your other projects I think you are more than capable, regards Doc Cox, E=MC2 ps. if you would like to pick my brains about my motor build you are more than welcome

    That's great!!! To vote my instructables you first have to go to the contest button, than you have to find the contest which is called "Toy Challenge" and you will go to view entries, and on it go find my "phototheremin instructables" and then after July 3 there will be a vote button and just click vote!!!
    Thank you soo much!!! Oh and thanks for the website!!