How to Make a Easy on and Off Switch


Introduction: How to Make a Easy on and Off Switch

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Do u hate having a switch that a wire falls off and u either have to rap the wire around the posts or hot glue it well this is simple and easy to do....... DO NOT B STUPID AND HOOK UP TO OUTLET ELECTRICITY I ONLY SUGGEST USING THIS WITH BATTERIES SUCH AS 9V AND LOWER DON'T B DUMB XD..

Step 1: Clothes Pin Base

U need to take it and brake it I used some old tin snips to make the brake cleaner and, a file to take off the jagged edges #1 is the clothes pin, #2 is wat u should use (the circled one). u can use both sides but u only need one, #3 is broken and u r using it. throw the other piece away. this is the time to file it if you want

Step 2: Thumbtack Contact Posts

U only need 2 I used and suggest that you use the tacks with plastic covers so u can cut them off and get to the bare metal as in #3 I used wire cutters to do this step Srry for the bad graphics

Step 3: Wiring

#1 is the switch part where u can (turn it on and off) so u have a complete and incomplete circuit, #2 u wrap the wire around #1 as seen in #4 then u wrap #3 on one of the tacks as seen in #5 then u place #4 on one of the tacks as seen in #6. again Srry for the bad graphics. then, you hammer or push in the tacks into the clothes pin base, #5 first. I used a hammer gently hammering them in b careful u could hurt yourself. this is how it should look as seen in #7 then, the same with #6. leave some room for #6 so u can move it from side to side as Seen in #8 and ur done #9 off #10 on thanks for viewing



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    Yes u probably can just make sure it is conductive meaning electricity can pass through it most magnets r and my profile pic I know right I found the picture and edited it and put getting money

    That is awesome. I always thought a switch would be easy to make but never made one. I wonder if you could put magnets in to keep the switch closed. Your profile pic is hilarious. The getting money lion with upside down cross.

    Does anyone have tips on how to make a joule thief I wired my toroid bead but wat other resistors and transistors can I use than the 1k an the transistor