How to Make a Fake Virus on a Windows Pc


Introduction: How to Make a Fake Virus on a Windows Pc

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Hi guys! today i have an april fools prank. its not a real virus and will not do any harm to your computer. it is just a shortcut.

Step 1: Notepad

to start open notepad and copy the text i have on it. then press file, save as, and save it

Step 2: How to Open the Fake Virus

press start, search "virus" ( mine was under virus yours might not be.) find the file and open it. your done. thank you and please vote for me under contest, april fools pranks.



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    What you've written is called a batch file and batch files are as old as as the earliest releases of DOS some 35 years ago.

    Batch files are to DOS and Windows what shells are to Unix and Linux. While not as powerful as the latter, they are nonetheless a very useful tool.

    Regarding your "virus" batch file:

    You can get the same result using only the first 4 lines of the file. As soon as it reaches "goto hack" statement it will return to line 2 and continue looping. The rest of the file is unnecessary.

    If you want to slow it down, as signaltcl asks, give the processor some busy work before looping back to the ":hack" label.

    Here's a modification of your idea that runs a bit slower and has a few suggestions embedded.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    @echo off


    echo downloading virus

    echo overwriting drive data


    set one=%random%

    if %one% gtr 100 goto rnd1


    set two=%random%

    if %two% gtr 100 goto rnd2


    set three=%random%

    if %three% gtr 100 goto rnd3

    goto hack


    1, Having more than one echo command will cause some screen activity,

    otherwise, after the screen is filled once, it will appear static

    2. The command "@echo off" need appear only once, at the beginning of the file.

    3. If you want to slow it down, give the processor some busy work. In this case, I have it generating random numbers and repeating the process until it generates a value of 100 or less. To slow down further, add more randomizing operations OR decrease the maximum value of each random number. I borrowed this technique but I can't remember the source.

    how to make it read slowly?

    Can you copy and paste the code into the instructable? Thanks!

    @echo off
    echo downloading virus
    echo downloading virus
    echo downloaded virus
    goto hack
    be easier?

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    OMG!......i did this to my parents last dad just wiped out the computer two days ago because of a horable virus in our computer so we lost every thing games,pictures.ect. so i read this yesterday and did it last night and this morning my mom and dad fliped out .......well it dident end well,they thought i downloaded a virus because i was the last one on the computer.....but after a while i was finally able to explain what i did... LOL

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    I'm doing this to my sister's computer. She will flip out :D