How to Make a Fashionable Long Sleeve Blouse




Introduction: How to Make a Fashionable Long Sleeve Blouse

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Long sleeve blouses are perfect to every type of women! In this case I did it more shorter but you can definitely make it longer. Look for a pretty satin or silk fabric, get creative and have fun!

You Will Need.

Fabric: silk or satin. Sewing Machine, Pins, chalk or a pencil.

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Step 1: First Step

Picture #1: Fold the fabric on the opposite side.

                     Dobla la tela del lado opuesto.

Picture#2: Pin the fabric together

                   Con los alfileres unir la tela

Picture #3: Once you pin the fabric is time to measure the shoulders

                     Una vez que tengas la tela segura con los alfileres, tienes que medir los hombros.

Step 2: Second Step

Picture #4: Now mark the measure on the fabric

                     Ahora con la tiza marca la medida del hombro en la tela.

Picture #5 and Picture #6: Then draw the neck line and cut.

                                                Luego dibuja la parte del cuello y corta.

Picture #7: Measure the hips

                    Medir la cadera

Picture #8 and Picture #9:  Do the same and mark on the fabric.

                                                 Haz lo mismo y marca la medida sobre la fabric.

Picture #10: pin the fabric as reference to where to star the sewing.

                      con ayuda de los alfileres pincha para tener como referencia 

Step 3: Third Step

Picture #11 and Picture #12: as you can see in the picture this will be the part you need to sew

                                                     como puedes ver en la imagen esta es la parte donde deberás coser

Picture #13 and Picture #14: Once you sew that part you're done! :)

                                                     Una vez que hayas terminado de coser, ya está terminado :)

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    empanadas con tenedor?
    re bueno el tutorial, siempre haces cosas muy lindas y faciles de hacer!!
    a demas le pones mucha onda a los videos!
    abrazo desde cordoba (argentina)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Many thanks for sharing. I will try this for my Girlfriend :)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I just saw a blouse almost exactly like this one in the Neiman Marcus catalog for $750. Great music too. Gracias!