How to Make a Fast Horror Mask

Introduction: How to Make a Fast Horror Mask

About: Hi, I am an electronical engineer from the northern coast of Colombia, I like doing things with my hands just for the pleasure to do it. you know when the inspiration comes do not let it go.

This instructabble is to the Unusual Uses: Kitchen Challenge and I think I should win because it is really is an unusual use for an object that is in the kitchen.

I made this instructable after returning from the supermarket, I keep a paper bag of the right size for my head.

This Halloween mask is my attempt to represent current trends in horror films more precisely the large number of films of psychopaths, I made it as simple as possible and I think that's why it's so scary is that style that anyone could it.

PD. Originally a joke mask but after a while it showed its potential and this will be my next Halloween costume.

Now how to do it

You need a paper bag (only paper bag a plastic bag isn't safe) big enough for your head, next you have to locate were are gonna be your eyes and cut a little hole that position also for a better effect make the holes for the eyes with yours fingers i don't make holes to the nose or mouth, the last part is draw the nose and mouth as simple as possible remember the more simple the best.


Never place your head inside a plastic bag you could suffocate, not suitable for young children only adults.

In case of any accident of any kind you and only you are responsible for this. In no way the author is responsible for any kind of inguries you do it to your own risk.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Well I think that every person is free to dress as you want, if this sounds simple the reason is because that is the idea, anyway thank you for taking the time to comment on