How to Make a Felted Neck Warmer From a Wool Scarf

Introduction: How to Make a Felted Neck Warmer From a Wool Scarf

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Here's how I made a felted neck warmer from a wool scarf.

This striped wool scarf used to be so long that I could wrap it around my neck four times with plenty of extra hanging down.
This was one of the items "saved" from our house fire in May. It came back to me from the dry cleaners measuring a paltry 10" wide X 36" long.

Waaahhh! What to  do? So, after some thought and brainstorming, I decided to still use it.

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Step 1: Fold It, Pin It and Sew It

I folded it over into thirds lengthwise, so that the seam would face my neck.

Then, I pinned the entire seam, so I could hand sew it as straight as possible. 

I used a blanket stitch with red thread on the outside of the scarf seam (what would become the "right" side of the scarf). This is the side that will touch my neck and clothes.

Then, I turned it inside out, and blanket stitched it again, to make sure that the project would be nice and strong and maintain its shape.

Step 2: Press It and Shape It

Then, I turned it right side out and pressed it on the "wool" setting. I gently shaped it while I was pressing it.

This is what it looks like after ironing. I did my best to keep those stripes as straight as possible.

Step 3: Add Closure and Wear

Now, for the closure. I bought this "Industrial Chic by Susan Lenart Kazmer" from Michaels a couple of months ago when it was on clearance. It was originally sold to be a closure for jewelry.

I had other ideas for the closure. I used it as a closure for the neck warmer. I thought that it was a good match, because it was a bobbin with thread.

Here I am, modeling it. Not bad.....

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