How to Make a Fire Extinguisher

Introduction: How to Make a Fire Extinguisher

With planning and some household items, you can have a life saving tool for emergencies.

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Step 1: Supply Time!

- Baking soda
- Vinegar or lemon juice
- Water or soda bottle
- Tissue
- Tape or rubber band

Step 2: Another Step...

Fill the bottle halfway with vinegar or lemon juice. Then form the tissue into a cup shape and poke it into the mouth of the bottle, holding the sides of the tissue over the rim of the bottle.

Step 3: Yet Another Step....

Still holding the sides, pour the baking soda into the tissue and then place a rubber band or tape around the top of the bottle opening to prevent the tissue from dropping inside the bottle.

Step 4: Another Step.......................................................................................

Replace the cap on the bottle or place another tissue and rubber band or tape on top of the bottle for storage. When needed, shake vigorously and remove the cap. A fire-retardant foam will bubble up, to be cautiously poured over a fire. Caution: Be particularly careful when in presence of fire, especially in an oil or grease fire.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty cool how this is so simple and works well. Did you know that most foam extinguishers have extracts from animal fat. It helps it form a surface. You might even be able to skip that and use a little cheap soap. If your dad is a good guy, you should think of as many good excuses as you can, e.g. school work, to get him to help you buy a eeepc. even second had and they work for most every thing you need. Then, he wouldn't need to worry about his computer.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    also i did this i took a pin with the white ball at the end heated it up and poke a hole in the bottle cap and put that on instead of a rubber band also with the hole in the bottle so this way it squirts the mixure out of the hole when the reaction start between the two chemicals


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    i am doing this on my dads computer, and i cant upload pictures from my camera, because he said