How to Make a Fishing Lure From a Kitchen Spoon

Introduction: How to Make a Fishing Lure From a Kitchen Spoon

How to make a fishing lure from a ordinary stainless-steel kitchen spoon.



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    I'll definitely be making a trip to Goodwill this weekend and giving this a try! I just started Steelhead fishing here in Oregon, and as Penelope said, spoon fishing can become an expensive hobby in a hurry. Plus, there's something really gratifying about catching a fish on a handcrafted lure. Thanks Eldon.


    I love the spoon lures! The work just like store bought ones but a lot cheaper.:) I'd post a pic but it's not working right now.:( love the instructable though.:)

    Remember that most spoon handles can be made into small lures, too! Paint as as little sardine or something.

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    Ranie-K we used to make them out of the handles too, and used reflective tape, caught a pickerel using it... good stuff

    Good tip - I'll have to give that a try sometime. I never thought of using the handle.