How to Make Rainbow Loom Bracelet




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It is very easy to make this, read the instructions to learn how to make a fishtail ring. PLEASE VOTE ON THE TOP - RIGHT.


Step 1: Materials

Get all the materials needed for making the ring. The materials are some rubber bands, a loom, a s or c clip and a hook.

Step 2: Starting

Get your small loom and a rubber band. Make a cross with that rubber band like shown on the first image.Get 2 more rubber bands and add them on the loom without crossing as shown on the pictures.

Step 3: Looming

Now get the last rubber band and bring it over the front as shown in picture no.1 through 4. Then add another rubber band on the top. Continue doing that.

Step 4: Ending

Continue doing that pattern until how long you want. When you are done with 2 rubber bands left on the loom and want to stop, loom the last one. When you are left with one rubber band, get your s or c clip and clip the two ends of the rubber on one side of the clip. Take the rubber bands out of the loom and get the down part of the bracelet and clip that on the other side of the clip as shown in the pictures. Then your ring is ready. ??☺️ PLEASE VOTE ON THE TOP - RIGHT THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!



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