How to Make a Flip Open Box (any Shape)

Introduction: How to Make a Flip Open Box (any Shape)

Well I know your first reaction would probably be "why would anybody want to make this" but recently I got into chocolate making and Iv been getting some strange requests. The latest was a chocolate in the shape of two overlapping wedding rings. It took me pretty long to make the box but it turned out worth it and wasnt too tough!

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Step 1: Essentials

-scissors/ paper knife
-some card stock or thick paper:-

cut one sheet into the size/shape of the box that u want. cut another sheet about a centimeter bigger than this on all sides (this is your lid)

cut a few strips of cardstock/ paper 4 cm thick.

if you have a design or a print for your lid- stick it on or draw it right now!

Step 2: Score the Strips

score the strips of paper that u have lengthwise - right in the center - i.e. at 2cm

now cut from one side to the centre to make a zig-zag pattern like in the picture

Step 3: Sticking It Together

stick the strip of paper according to the curve. the zig zag part will allow u to stick it in various shapes. keep sticking the strip till the entire base of your box has a boundary.

where ever the strip finished, start a new one and stick them with a little piece of cardstock to hold the strength.

Step 4: Attach Flap

attach a flap to your top lid which is again going to be a piece of cardstock about 5 cms thick this time and scored at 2cm. stick the wider part to the lid and the 2 cm part to the ur base from where u want the "hinge" of the box to be

Step 5: Ur Box Is Ready!

thats it! pretty simple, i know but i hope it was useful!
specially for kids who enjoy doing simpler crafts.

ps- the lid is bigger than the base so that there is space to hold the lid and flip it open and also so that the lid does not go inside the base.. if you want u could attach a string or a tassel at the centre for lifting up/opening the lid :)

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