How to Make a Flour Granade!




Intro: How to Make a Flour Granade!

This is my first instructable! Tell me how I did!

Step 1: The Requierments

1. About 2 cups of flour or any other flour like chemical(s).
2.A napkin.
3.A rubber band.
4And a desired victim.

Step 2: The Assembly

1.Lay the napkin on a very flat surface.
2.Put the 2 cups of flour in the exact center of the napkin.
3.Take all four ends of the napkin then fold them up.
4.Tie the folded ends of the napkin up using the rubber band. (You may have to re wrap the rubber band depending on the size of the napkin.)
5.Check tightness when done.(Just not too hard! OR ELSE!!! POP!!!.)

Step 3: The Throwing Tecnique

1.Place the bottom of the grenade on your hand.
2.Extend your arm back or over or to the side of your head.
3.Throw as hard as you can at desired victim!!!



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    You could do this much easier. All you do is go up to a friend from behind, and dump a bucket of flour on them. But since it is your first, I will let the simplicity slide.

    IAEchicks dig me

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    actually as hard as you would toss something to a friend (like a tennis ball)

    Ah, yes, my bible. The original Jolly roger's cookbook was believed to be created in '89. Anarchist's cookbook is believed to be a runoff of that.