How to Make a Flute Easily




You want to play music without instruments or any other material ?
You are going to like this instructable !

In nature, if a lot of beautiful flowers are edible, one other permits to play music: dandelion.

Step 1 : Pick a dandelion and cut off the head. (Your dandelion must be straight cut... )

Step 2 : With a knife, dig small holes along the stem.

Step 3 : Breath inside the stem, pinching your lips. (Pinche your lips but not too much ! You must feel your lips vibrating.)

Step 4 : When you have succeeded in making some sounds, stop the various holes with your fingers.

The longer the stem, the more the sound will be low. The shorter the stem, the more the sound will be high-pitched !
No need to buy an expensive instrument, this natural flute is an original manufacture and a funny sound: it sounds like bagpipes.

Finally, you can have a concert with your friends and different lengths of dandelion !

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