How to Make a Flying Toy Plane! By: Sabrina




Introduction: How to Make a Flying Toy Plane! By: Sabrina

I will show you how to make a toy  plane. Good luck! :)

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Step 1: Materials (:

  The materials you will need are: 2 pieces of Styrofoam that are shaped like a plane, a big wing, and a smaller wing, a propeller with a hook on the front and back, a chop stick, scissors, and glue.

Step 2: (:

 Take a chopstick and make sure the propeller fits then put it in the see through thing (which is attached to the propeller) and place the hook on the back. Then put the rubber band  on the hooks on both sides.

Step 3: (:

 Glue 2 plane shaped pieces of Styrofoam together over the chopsticks.

Step 4: (:

 Take the body of the plane and cut a wide line near the front and place the wing in it.

Step 5: (:

Now cut another slightly smaller gap behind the other and put  the smaller wing in it.

Step 6: (:

Now you are done your plane. To fly it, spin the propeller and then, let it go and it will fly! :)

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