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Introduction: How to Make a Folder INVISIBLE

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Ever wanted to save your programs hidden form your fellow users in college?

Or some secret files? Serial Keys?

Any file(s) can be hidden using this technique!

Prerequisites : You should know how a folder works on a Windows System

And some command prompt skills, like Changing a directory.

The customization part is coming up!

Step 1: Start by Creating an New Folder

1.Browse to a location where it is very difficult to guess hidden data. Like a folder deep within softwares drive or a very less visited folder.

2.Create a new Folder by Right clicking on workspace area (the white space)->New->Folder.

Step 2: Go to the Folder Properties

1.Right Click on the folder icon

2.Click Properties

Step 3: Customize Icon

1.Go to customize tab

2.Head over to "Change Icon" (Refer image)

3.Once the box appears for changing icon, Select a BLANK icon.

4.Click Ok.

5.Click Ok in the new folder properties.

Step 4: Rename Your Folder

1.Rename your folder and delete the previous name

2.While editing the folder name, hold ALT and press keys 0160 (ALT+0160) individually on your numpad*

ALT+0160 is used to obtain a blank character.

* If you don't have a numpad, keypad is located on your laptop keyboard

If not open the Character Map(Found in Start -> All programs -> Accessories -> System tools and select a blank character from the list.

Select the Arial font

Select a blank character and drag it to the blank area besides Characters to copy., select the character and hit copy.

Now you have a blank character on your clipboard, and paste it while editing the new folder's name

You should now get a blank folder by now.

Step 5: Use Attrib to Make Your Folder Invisible*

1.Open cmd, Change directory to where you created new folder.

2.After you get there use "attrib +s +h /s /d" ,without quotes to make the hidden folder invisible*.

*Folder is applied System and Hidden attribute.

Thats it ! You now have a secret folder !

Note : attrib is a command to display or set attributes to a folder/file

attrib has several parameters.

Further help can be found by typing "help attrib" in cmd without quotes.

Step 6: Accessing Your Newly Created INVISIBLE Folder

What use would it be to make a secret invisible folder, and not being able to use it!

Its like getting locked outside your own house :P

To access the invisible folder :

1.Head over to address bar.

You might still have the special character on your clipboard, its time to use it again.

(If you have lost it, have a look at previous steps, and you'll come to know instantly!)

2.Paste the special character at the appropriate space in the Address Bar.

3.Hit Enter.

You are now in your invisible folder!

Step 7: Change From Invisible to Visible

Hey, what if you want to change the folder from invisible to visible again? Change of plans?

Here is how to do it :

We had set the System and Hidden attribute to the folder.

Its time to revoke it.

1.Browse to your folder in cmd.

2.Type "attrib -s -h /s /d" without quotes.

You should see the hidden folder now.

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    Salman Naveed

    Great instructable! Now I can hide my 'classified' stuff easily. Thank you very much, this was awesome!


    5 years ago

    Cool thx for sharing


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Harris!

    Thanks for the comment.

    Check out Step 7 : Change from invisible to visible :)